Pioneering Myanmar Coffee

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I sometimes wondered if there are still coffee origins in the world that remain to be discovered.

It has become a passion and obsession of dreaming about unknown beans in a secret place somewhere in the world


One day, while drinking a fine cup of coffee, I let my eyes wander on the globe, when I suddenly spotted a magical place: MANDALAY in Myanmar.

Myanmar map

I decided to explore it for coffee. In December 2015, shortly after the first democratic elections, I made my first trip to Mandalay. Together with local coffee traders, we strode across a wonderful coffee land and visited coffee farms across the country to find the best beans.

2016-04-22 08.50.56
Nat(s) – good spirits

Mandalay Region is at the heart of Myanmar, or Burma as the country was formerly called. Mandalay is not just an extraordinary place of more than 100 post card attributes; it is also a place of good spirits that inspired the name of our coffee (nat : = spirit in Burmese).


I am writing this blog that I thought to be useful, interesting and hopefully a little bit of fun. It shall inform about the growing Myanmar coffee sectors and about Myanmar specialty coffee. 
The blog reflects my own thoughts.