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Swiss Brewers Cup

In our first competition series, we have presented Specialty Coffee from Myanmar. It is the first attempt to present a coffee from an origin, which hasn’t entered the Swiss coffee market yet.

SBC NAT Backstage

In May, I was realizing my passion and obsession to source Arabica coffee in the heart of Myanmar. In my suitcase, I brought some back to Switzerland, and on May 21, I presented it to the jury of the Specialty Association of Europe (SCAE).


Swiss Roast From Geneva

The competition coffee was roasted with Boréal Coffee Roasters in Geneva. My choice was mainly personally motivated: during my studies in Geneva, I often took a few minutes out of my day to enjoy a good cup of coffee.


Boréal Coffee Shop was founded in 2008 and was the first artisanal roaster in the city. It opened four shops, the last of which was inaugurated just a few weeks ago – an urban oasis at Chantepoulet.

Address: Square de Chantepoulet, CH-1201 Genèva

Known for its great product innovation, high curiosity for new coffee origins and social engagement, a fantastic basis was given to make the collaboration happen.



Coffeeware: Slow Coffee Stye from Japan

Finest coffee needs to be treated well. Therefore, I decided to use a Japanese coffeeware. SLOW COFFEE STYLE was born to bring the joy of a slow, relaxing passage of time. I mostly liked the elegantly formed carafe and the jug which can be used with the solid stainless steel filter. The series broadens and gives depth to the daily ritual of brewing an aromatic cup of coffee:

Although we didn’t make it to the finals this year, the great echo of the coffee connoisseurs at the Swiss Brewers Cup is highly encouraging and brings us to the next action: we are going to bring our Myanmar coffee to the public and share some secrets from Myanmar travels in an intimate cercle and, at exclusive places.

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