Nat Coffee Statement Rakhine Crisis

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In the light of the latest attacks in Rakhine State against the Rohingyas (West Myanmar), Nat Coffee takes position about its coffee sourcing activities in neighboring state Chin:

  • We are concerned about the current situation in Rakhine State and the attacks on the Rohingyas, the persecuted Muslim minority in Myanmar
  • Our areas of intervention in Southern Chin State are stable and free from conflicts.
  • Before we purchase coffee, we analyse the political situation of each region of intervention. During the coffee harvest,  Nathalie Manac’h, CEO and founder of Nat Coffee is at coffee origin and follows closely the political developments. We are also constantly following the developments in Rakhine State and Chin State via our local partners and the Myanmar Center for Responsible Business.
  • At the moment, a spillover risk effect from neighboring Rakhine State to Chin State isn’t likely to happen. Northern Rakhine State is a self-contained area.
  • Our engagement for the cooperative Chin Litäi is to lay a foundation for future perspectives of the youth in Southern Chin State, where wealth is created and shared for the benefit of the future coffee generation.
  • We look forward to a peaceful, and prosperous coffee harvest and hope that stability and peace will return to Rakhine State.


Represents the personal opinion of Nathalie Manac’h, CEO and Founder Nat Coffee


Chin State is the neighboring State of Rakhine State and is bordering to India and Bangladesh.

After the attacks of 9 October 2016, another crisis has returned to Rakhine State. A new wave of violence in northern Rakhine State has left at least 100 people dead and thousands displaced, according to reports. The latest escalation started on the night of August 24, when members of the so -called Arakan Rohingya Solidarity Army (ARSA) attacked police outposts in the region, killing about a dozen officers.