Nat Coffee is working with a group of coffee entrepreneurs and guarantees high coffee prices for exquisite quality. Since 2015 Nat Coffee has been purchasing Chin coffee every year and supplies to gourmet roasters in Europe.  In January 2020 Nat Coffee opened a representative office (Nat Cof Ltd.) in Myanmar which enhances our present on the ground. Nat Coffee is observing an untapped growth in this frontier market and plans to scale up coffee production across Chin State, from 60 tons to 1000 tons within 5 years. With an innovative trading model (direct trade) and presence on the ground Nat Coffee would like to continue the narrative of pioneers.

We create value along the supply chain by involving all actors, producers, transporters, millers, exporters and  baristas. Our clients support a growing number of young coffee producers by committing to FairWild Coffee.

Chin Litäi – Future Coffeepreneurs (14)


Chin Coffee applies for  «FairWild»

Since November 2019, Nat Coffee in collaboration with our coffeeentrepreneurs group”Chin Litäi” is applying for the certification “FairWild“/organic.


 Serving indigenous people, young coffee entrepreneurs and furthering community value in the Chin highlands.

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