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We are very thankful and honoured to be top coffee sourcing company in Myanmar and share our first-hand travel experience with you. Whether you are barista, roaster, coffee lover or trader, enjoy your Myanmar coffee at selected places in  three coffee regions!


Our biggest thank you to our guests for your confidence and trust in us. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Are you ready to explore all of Myanmar’s enchanted destinations?

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Travel where few have traveled before, and hike around the area of the highest peak in the Chin State of Western Myanmar. Our 3-day Mindat itinerary will show you the incredible beauty of Myanmar’s countryside. Learn about an entirely different way of life as you travel between villages on foot and by landrover. Visit with the locals weaveries and stroll across the beautiful coffee garden.


Chin Brew Tour – 5 Days (2)

Chin Magnifique 3 Days Tour (1)