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This coffee is an unique creation – it was crafted by our new coffee cooperative. It grows in untamed wilderness at 1400-2200 masl at the foot of Mount Victoria (today also known with the Chin name Khaw Nu Sung). Among exotic plants that are growing on virgin soil, wild coffees with coral red cherries are living in a mostly sleeping existence in the shade of the old surrounding trees.


With the purchase of coffee from Chin you are writing a chapter of coffee history!

This coffee has not yet been exported. It is cultivated by 50 coffee producers from Chin State, Western Myanmar. In December 2016,  Nat Coffee together with local partners launched a coffee cooperative. Later, with the great support of our crowdfunding backing community Kickstarter, we organized a harvest workshop in February 2017.  The result of an amazing workshop was three bags of green coffee.


Coffee likes to grow under shade and can be found under banana -, macadamia or lemon trees. Like its vegetarian rival, the elephant foot yam – a potato like vegetable –  coffee cherries are spread out to dry outdoor. In the past, natural coffee used to be produced on simple bamboo mats, and quickly got contaminated. This year, it is the first time that producers are processing coffee on so-called African drying beds, an investment of our crowdfunding community.


Catimor blend, natural

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