Yellow Diamond

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Shwe Ywar Ngan’s forest coffee grows on red, and highly fertile soil. During the drying process, large, round beans absorb all rays of Myanmar’s warm sun, and start glimmering like honey-yellow diamants. After careful processing, a yellow glaze remains on the raw beans.
Shwe Ywar Ngan’s coffee is characterized by its round body and sparkling acidity. It can be distinguished by notes of fine caramel, lemon and tangerine.


Coffee producer Aung Win Kyaw entrusted a major part of responsibility to his beautiful 25 year old daughter. Su Nandar Linn is a proud Shan and loves to be in the nature and pick perfectly red coffee cherries. In March 2017, she presented her coffee – a washed Catuai – to judges of the Myanmar National Tasting Competition Committee, and promptly ranked among the top five winner coffees.


Shwe Ywar Ngan has been producing specialty coffee since 1975 and collaborates closely with the Ywar Ngan Danu Hill tribe in Southern Shan State. Numerous producers of the Danu tribe cultivate a few hectares that have already belonged to their ancestors. The use of chemical fertilizer is prohibited in Ywar Ngan, and most producers use their own organic compost.


Catuai, honey process

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