What do we provide


We select the best Myanmar coffee, solely focusing on high quality.

Our coffee is picked with care in Myanmar highlands above 1300 m.


Fresh delivered straight to your door.

Freshness comes with limited quantity. All our coffees are only available in a small amount and therefore regularly shipped. The coffee we’ll send will be roasted to really shine in all manner of your preferred brewing method.




We visit farms across Myanmar to select the finest beans while we believe that direct trade is key to achieve a responsible business.
The real value is knowledge about this exclusive coffee origin and product and we are excited to share it.


Our Roasting Partner Boréal - Swiss Roast

We are working with the most skilled Swiss roaster to realize the full potential of our Myanmar beans. A small team of dedicated roasters put all efforts to match the profiles of the green coffee beans that we import.

Swiss ROAST incorporates highest quality standards. We ensure that your coffee is delivered timely and freshly straight to your door.

Boréal was the first artisanal roaster in Geneva (Carouge), founded in 2008. If is famed for its directed-traded coffee.