Singapore Looks To Myanmar

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Nat Coffee’s New Markets: Singapore

Terence Tan, barista champion of Singapore (2017).

He is founder of  TAD Coffee, based in Singapore.


1. Before founding Tad Coffee you worked for Toby Estate Coffee. How does your previous experience translate into your startup job?

Terence Tan: Time in Toby’s was great, it opened the world of specialty coffee for me. That was also the point where I understood how to manage both wholesale and retail side of business and the different angle of approach  in respective area. That provided me a good learning platform to give me the confidence to start my own business. 
2. Your products are offered on your online shop. How will you grow this business?
Terence Tan: Tad Coffee is a B2B wholesale business and e-commerce one area that will help to drive our B2C platform, extending consumer retailing to our customers.  We do not have a physical retail space, so product knowledge is still vital. Therefore, we are looking to collaborate with our customers and retailers to help them understand more about coffee and our products. 
A bundle of Rufous and Anna Tadpod Boxes, Introducing #aTADbetter nespresso experience this Christma
Coffee cherries, Shan State

3. Myanmar is a new emerging origin. What is your assessment about the new bean?

Terence Tan: Myanmar is up, and coming in cup quality. For many years now, we know many people have helped farmers in Myanmar to understand more about processing and improving cup qualities. The country’s geographic location is interesting, eastern side that is near to Thailand and Vietnam, while western is near to India, provide array of options in flavour profiles and characters. Definitely Myanmar is one to look out for the near future!


Interviewed by Nat Coffee (unedited answers), November 2018