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Support the future of young coffee producers in Chin State, Western Myanmar! Since 2015 Nat Coffee has been building up the young entrepreneur group “Chin Litai” with the aim of producing the best coffee. After Myanmar’s decades of isolation, Nat Coffee became one of the first companies to grow and export Chin coffee five years ago. Together with our local partners  we are revitalizing the coffee sector and share the ambition to promote Chin as one of Myanmar’s coffee regions! In partnership with a Swiss specialty roaster, Nat Coffee is roastigng he rare single-origin beans in a vintage edition.

But who are our farmers? The coffee entrepreneurs are between 20 and 35 years old, live in the south of Chin, the majority are Christian and belong to a Chin tribe. Their grandparents cultivated coffee in the 1970s, but the knowledge of how to grow  is lost over generations. According to the motto “From zero to hero” we have leveraged the knowledge of 300 farmers over a period of 5 years. The coffee cherries are being dried under the sun on bamboo beds. The aim is to export these rare coffees and to establish the Chincoffee brand.

This special edition comes with the added bag, so would make an excellent purchase bag for your grocery shoppings!



Region Chin State, Myanmar
Producer Chin Litai
Altitude 1500-1700  MASL
Variety S795, Catimor, indigines varieties
Processing sundried
Decaf Method

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